How To: Make a gin-based Bee's Knees cocktail

Make a gin-based Bee's Knees cocktail

Lindsay Johnson, from lush life shows us how to make a gin based Bee's Knees cocktail in just 12 seconds. Firstly take 2 ounces of gin and then stir it with 3 bar spoons of running honey. Following that add 3 quarters of an ounce of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Shake and stream and it are ready to serve. She also shows us to make running honey which is really very simple. Boil some water and then add equal amount of honey to it. Then stir it together and put it into your cocktail. This adds some sweet element and is nit too thick unlike the other honey which is quite thick. In this way you make the gin based Bee's Knees cocktail

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