How to Mix a gorgeous, sweet and tasty Blue Moon martini cocktail

Not much for liquor? Only drink once in a blue moon? Then the time is here! Sunday, November 21st is an official blue moon, but what does that mean exactly? It means tonight is the third full moon during a season where there is four full moons instead of the usually three.

So, it's a celebration! And there's a couple of good drinks you can have tonight during the full— One is Blue Moon beer, but if you're not much for brewskis, then the Blue Moon martini is your second choice.

The Blue Moon martini is a drink consisting of gin, blue orange-flavored liqueur, sweet and sour mix and and orange slice. Bartending expert Steve Calabro teaches you how to make this great alcoholic cocktail. You'll be surprised at how sweet and tasty this fruity Blue Moon martini cocktail really is!

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